FAQ - Referral Program

What is your referral program?

If you successfully make a referral, both you and your friend will get 5% of your friend’s sign-up amount, and 5% of your friend’s first recharge amount.

How do I make referrals?

Log in to your account, go to BONUS along the top menu bar, and select REFER A FRIEND. There, you can find three ways to make referrals.

  1. By Facebook: select the product you would like to share with your friend(s), click on the Facebook share button. In the popup window, choose to post the recommendation on your own wall, on a friend's timeline, in a group or via a private message. You can also add your own words of recommendation. Then, click on "share Link." Make sure your friend uses your referral code during sign up.
  2. By blog/forum: use your personal SuiteTreat code, and paste it on your blog, forum, website, Twitter, etc. Ask you friend to sign up and enter your code (where is my SuiteTreat code?) in the designated field.
  3. By email: select the product you would like to email your friend(s) about, click on the email button. Fill in all the necessary fields in the email form, and add you own personalized greeting (it will appear after the standard greeting in the email) if you wish. When your friend signs up, just make sure they click on the referral link that contains your referral code.

This way, both you and your friend will receive a two-time bonus! 5% at sign up, and another 5% at his/her first recharge. After your friend has successfully signed up, your bonus will be credited to your account within two weeks! See how to redeem your bonus at "How do I redeem my bonus."

Where is my SuiteTreat code?

Your SuiteTreat code is located within your account, on your Refer A Friend page, under Other Info.

When do I get my referral bonus?

The sign-up bonus is rewarded to you 14 days after your friend signs up, provided that your account is still active. Your friend gets the bonus when signing up with the referral code.

The recharge bonus is rewarded to you when your friend makes a first recharge within 3 months of account sign-up. Likewise, your account must be active in order to receive the bonus.

Is there a limit on the number of referrals?

There is no limit. You can make as many referrals and earn as much bonus as you wish.

Where is my bonus? Why can't I see my bonus added to my account balance?

Don't fret, you must redeem your bonus values before it is added to your account balance. Please see How do I redeem my bonus?

How do I redeem my bonus?

Each bonus is valid for 4 months from the date the bonus is earned. You may redeem your bonus once per month, only when the total amount available for redemption reaches $1.00 or more.

To redeem your bonus, please go to BONUS along the top menu bar, and select REDEEM BONUS in your account. Add up the bonuses and click on “Redeem my bonus.” Your bonus will then be added to your OneSuite account and your account expiration date will be extended for six months from the redemption date.

How do I know if my bonuses are expiring?

Please go to BONUS SUMMARY under BONUS along the top menu bar, in your account. You’ll get an overview of your bonus status. You can also check your reward history up to 5 months in the Bonus History page.

Why do I need to verify my email address in order to redeem my bonus?

The email verification process is required as a part the security and fraud prevention feature of our bonus redemption process. Also, since OneSuite is a web-based account, this is the only way we can communicate with our customers when necessary.

Does SuiteTreat apply to OneSuite Business?

Yes, all the master and sub accounts will get their unique SuiteTreat codes and continue to refer to friends and enjoy the bonuses. All the SuiteTreat rules apply except that sub-accounts’ expiration date sticks by that of the master account, and bonus redemption will not extend sub-accounts’ expiration date.