Global Callback

worldwide & weak Wi-Fi?


The callback feature is especially handy for international travelers or simply anyone outside of North America who needs to make high quality, cheap international calls and has weak internet or Wi-Fi connection. No access numbers required. OneSuite will call you back on a landline or cell phone and connect you with another party.

Enjoy quality calls and save a bundle on wireless international roaming. See savings comparison.


App or No App?

When traveling overseas, you can obtain a prepaid local SIM card for your un-locked iPhone, Android smartphone or a GSM mobile phone. In many countries inbound calls to your mobile number are free, and by combining this with OneSuite Callback, you could call home or any international destinations for much lower rates than roaming with your phone, or placing calls from your hotel, or even using a locally obtained SIM card.

Just trigger the Callback from OneSuite website or from OneSuite App for iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, and we'll call you back and connect your call wherever you are!


How to Call

From “My Account”

  1. Log into your OneSuite Account and click on Callback under Long Distance
  2. Enter the phone numbers, “Call me back at” and “The number I want to call”, then click “Call Now”
  3. Your phone will ring as you hear the ringtone, the call is connected.

From Smart Phone/Tablet

  1. Download and install OneSuite App

    For iPhone/iPad

      Scan QR Code

    For Android

      Scan QR Code
  2. Select "Callback" from the Menu Bar 
  3. Type in, or select from Contact list to fill in the “Call me back at” and “The number I want to call” phone numbers
  4. Your phone will ring as you hear the ringtone, the call is connected.

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