FAQ - OneSuite Business

What is a OneSuite Business Account?

A OneSuite Business Account is a multiple account management web tool that gives the Business Account holder administrative rights to monitor, manage and control sub-account usage and expenses.

How can I use OneSuite for my business?

You can create up to 999 sub-accounts for business associates, company employees, or organization members so everyone can benefit from OneSuite's cheap international hybrid calling, or subscribe to our other low-cost, high-quality telecom services such as internet fax, VoIP or global call forwarding.

As the master account administrator, you have full control over spending, and can easily manage your team's budget, and monitor account usage through the smart dashboard control, without any paperwork or clutter.

What’s the difference between a regular OneSuite account and a OneSuite Business account?

An account holder of a regular OneSuite account can enjoy the built-in international calling feature, and choose to subscribe to optional services such as internet fax, VoIP and global call forwarding. The regular account holder can manage their own account balance and recharge whenever necessary.

A OneSuite Business Account is an administrative account only, and can view and receive usage reports. The Business Account holder can create and manage sub-accounts and allocate account balances. These sub-accounts enjoy all OneSuite regular accounts' services and features, except for the recharge function. This way, the master account administrator can fully control usage and spending.

How can I sign up for OneSuite Business?

To sign up for OneSuite Business, please click here, then fill out our short sign-up form. We currently only accept online subscriptions. Payment method is the same as regular OneSuite accounts, through VISA or Master credit card.

How much does it cost to create a OneSuite Business account?

You can choose to start off with $30, $50, $70 or $100 in account credit. Afterwards, a monthly fee of $2.95 will be charged to the administrative account.

How much does it cost to create a sub-account?

When an administrator creates a sub-account, a $0.50 one-time fee is automatically deducted from the master account, and $1.00 is automatically transferred from the master account to the sub-account.

What happens when my master account balance reaches zero or negative?

You sub-account(s)' service will ultimately be affected. If the sub-account's balance reaches zero or negative for more than 30 days, the sub-account(s)' service(s) will be removed.

What happens when my sub-account balance reaches zero or negative?

When the balance reaches $0, the sub-account can no longer make calls or send faxes. If a sub-account balance remains negative for more than 30 days, subscriptions will be automatically removed. Once the balance has been recharged and transferred by the administrator, the subscription services will be restored, but you will lose your previously selected internet fax, SuiteAdvantage VoIP, or international forwarding numbers.