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FAQ - General

What is OneSuite?

OneSuite is your one-stop shop for low-cost, high quality telecom services: long-distance international calling, internet fax, VoIP and global call forwarding, for personal or business use!

With OneSuite, all your telecom services are housed under one account for the lowest total cost, quick access and easy budget management.

Our prepaid pay-as-you-go billing, means there are no contracts, unused minutes, or hidden fees, so you never have to waste time checking bills, or waste a cent on surcharges!

What telecom services can I get with OneSuite?

When you sign up for a OneSuite account, you get immediate access to our built-in Long Distance international calling service that works on multiple devices and platforms.

You can then subscribe to optional services according to your needs:
  • Internet Fax:
    • Get unlimited fax receiving to email for $1/month with Fax Basic
    • Get sending + unlimited receiving with Fax Plus for $2.95/month
  • VoIP: Get free voicemail and tons of additional free features with a powerful internet phone service
  • Global Call Forwarding: Forward calls and faxes anywhere worldwide

Or, you can get a business account to create and manage multiple OneSuite accounts for your business with our smart web tool.

How long does it take to activate my OneSuite account?

Your OneSuite account is activated immediately after sign-up, and you can start making cheap international calls right away. You can also immediately subscribe to our additional services such as internet fax, VoIP or global call forwarding.

Can I upgrade/add subscription to OneSuite services at any time?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient balance, you can always upgrade or add subscription services at anytime.

What kind of commitments do I have to make with OneSuite?

None! Famous for our pay-as-you-go billing, we require no termed plans or contracts from users.

Are there any taxes, fees or surcharges added to my monthly bill?

No. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. The price and rates listed on our website is all that you pay. All your usage records are displayed in real-time in your online account, so there’s no monthly bill!

Will my OneSuite account expire?

Initially, your account is set at six-month expiration from the date of purchase. 6-month extensions are applied from the date of each recharge, SuiteTreat bonus redemption, or from the date of your last outbound usage (including long distance usage, VoIP outbound call usage, outbound fax or call forwarding usage), or the date of recent subscription fee charge (only applies to expiring accounts. In other words, if you keep using OneSuite, it will never expire!

How do I sign up for a OneSuite account?

Just click on this link to sign up for OneSuite! Select the type of account or service you’d like to use, then fill out our short sign-up form. You can then log in to your OneSuite account and immediately start using OneSuite for cheap international calls, or subscribe to our optional services: internet fax, VoIP or global call forwarding. We currently only accept online subscriptions.

What kind of service quality can I expect with

The fiber-optic OneSuite global telecom network provides you the very highest quality of voice and data transmission for both long-distance calls and additional telecom services. We strive to bring our customers the utmost ubiquity with services and interfaces that are multiple devices and platforms compatible.