OneSuite SuiteAdvantage VoIP

Make and receive cheap international calls via internet on your smartphone, laptop, current landline, or an IP phone


OneSuite free calls

Free member to member calls!

Like talking on two cans and a string, SuiteAdvantage members-to-member calls using PC, IP Phone, ATA, or our VoIP Smartphone App are free worldwide!


Moving? Keep your old number

Port your old landline number to OneSuite SuiteAdvantage and enjoy free voicemail and tons of free features. No matter how many times you move, where you move to, your phone number moves with you!

traveling with OneSuite global coverage

Traveling? Get global calling coverage

Makes calls from any where in the world to any phone in any chosen destination when you have internet or Wi-Fi access.

OneSuite SuiteAdvantage as second phone line

Need a 2nd line? Choose your area code

Home use: get additional phone lines for family members!
Business use: expand into new markets with a local area code, or get a toll-free number when you pair up with a OneSuite Toll-free Forwarding number.

use onesuite as a phone card

Internet down? Use OneSuite like a phone card!

Your subscription to SuiteAdvantage through your OneSuite account gives you immediate access to OneSuite’s prepaid long distance calling service & our signature low rates. So you will always be able to make a call from your cell phone, or even from a public phone!


Free or cheap calls

Free or cheap calls

    Make FREE calls to other SuiteAdvantage users worldwide!
    Make cheap long distance calls via the internet to ANY phone, ANYwhere.


Choose your own area code

Choose your own area code

Select a U.S. or Canada area code so family and friends can call your SuiteAdvantage number at local rates. Or, use it to expand business presence in another market.


Free voice mail

Free voicemail

Get free voicemail and check them any of 5 ways: via email, OneSuite App, OneSuite Softphone, in your OneSuite account or by simply calling your SuiteAdvantage phone number from any phone.

Voice message broadcasting

Message broadcasting

Send one voice message to multiple recipients whether they are located in the U.S./Canada or overseas. You can also create up to 100 distribution groups within your account for easy message delivery.

SuiteAdvantage message broadcasting feature is intended for regular phone calls. If you're using the feature for business or marketing purposes, please make sure the recipients are not on the Do Not Call list. Calls placed using this feature are not screened for DNC Compliance restrictions.

Unlimited incoming calls

Unlimited incoming calls

Receive FREE unlimited incoming calls from any phone, anywhere in the world.

OneSuite SuiteAdvantage call waiting

Call waiting

Never miss a call. Place your current call on hold when you answer a 2nd incoming call.

Caller ID

Caller ID

Unless the caller has caller ID block, you'll be able to see the call originating number, or name if the caller is saved in your device's phone book. Also works with call waiting to display originating number/name of new caller.

International Call Block

International call block

Enable or disable international calls in your account, so you don’t have to worry about making or receiving unintended calls.

Call log

Call log

Search through your OneSuite account history to get a complete list of all your calls. Track usage, find phone numbers, or locate the time and date of an important call.

Port your phone number

Port your phone number

Port your landline number to OneSuite SuiteAdvantage to keep your old number and start saving with OneSuite’s signature low rates.

Additional phone numbers

Additional virtual phone number

Get an additional virtual phone number and choose your own U.S. or Canada area code. $1.95 per additional number and up to 10 virtual phone numbers per account.

Get toll-free number

Get a toll-free number

Save for your business by pairing a OneSuite toll-free forwarding number with SuiteAdvantage. You can then enjoy low toll-free termination rates plus free voicemail-to-email.

Disclaimer: SuiteAdvantage VoIP does not support calls to any emergency numbers nor emergency services. To make emergency calls, please use a landline telephone or a cellular/mobile phone.

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