Toll-Free Access Number

No Local?

Go Toll-Free!

Remember, the cheapest way to call is using local access. And even if you don’t have a local access number listed for your area, as long as your calling plan includes national coverage, you’re set.

Toll-free access is there for you when you’re on the road or can’t find a local access number.

Hybrid gear: switch between landline or cellular (local, and toll-free access) and VoIP (internet broadband access) for global coverage to suit your travels & needs

Toll-Free Access

From the continental U.S.:
From Canada:
From Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Saipan:

How to Call

Remember to register your phone!

How to make calls using OneSuite Access Numbers:

1. Dial your Toll-Free Access number . . . .
2. Enter destination number . . . . . . . . . . .
Save it in your phone book for quick dialing!
Just 2 digits if you’re using RapiDial (what is RapiDial?)
(U.S./Canada format: 1 + area code + number)
(International format: 011 + country code + area code + number)

How to make cheap international calls from outside of North America using OneSuite without Access Numbers:

1. With quality internet or Wi-Fi Connection
Smartphone App
PC or Mac
Make direct calls from OneSuite App
on your iPhone or Android Smartphone.
Make direct calls from OneSuite Phone
on your PC or Mac
2. With spotty internet quality or 2G/Edge Wi-Fi Connection
OneSuite Callback

Use OneSuite Callback by triggering the call from OneSuite "My Account", or OneSuite App. OneSuite will call you back, wherever you are, then connect your call.


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