FAQ - SuiteAdvantage

What is SuiteAdvantage, or VoIP?

SuiteAdvantage is OneSuite's VoIP service, leveraging the power of the internet to give you tons of free features, so you can make PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC, and even Phone-to-Phone calls.

How is SuiteAdvantage different from using Internet Broadband Access through OneSuite’s Hybrid Long Distance?

Both services gives you OneSuite high quality calling, however, with SuiteAdvantage, you'll be able to receive calls and enjoy much more powerful features. See the comparison:

OneSuite VoIPDirect DialRapiDialMessage BroadcastingVoicemailCall WaitingConference Calls
Internet Broadband AccessYesYesNoNoNoNo
SuiteAdvantage VoIPYesYesYesYesYesDepending on Phone Model

OneSuite VoIPMake / Receive CallsFree in-Net Calls WorldwidePhonebookOnline Account ManagementCall History
Internet Broadband AccessMake calls onlyYesYesYesYes
SuiteAdvantage VoIPYesYesYesYesYes

OneSuite VoIPMonthly SubscriptionFree DownloadNo Hardware NecessaryLive Customer SupportSelect Area CodeGet a Virtual Phone number
Internet Broadband AccessNoYesYes(also works with IP phones)YesNoNo
SuiteAdvantage VoIP$2.95YesYes(also works with IP phones)YesYesYes
What do I need to make PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, and Phone-to-PC calls?

You will need to download and install a OneSuite softphone for your Windows or Mac computer. Once configured with your OneSuite VoIP user ID and password, you can start making and receiving your SuiteAdvantage calls.

Can I use SuiteAdvantage on a regular analog landline phone?

Yes. All you need is an ATA (analog telephone adaptor, easily purchased from online stores, or a local electronic store) to connect to you phone. Setting up is easy, just read our blog Perk Up! for more details.

What types of phones/devices can I use SuiteAdvantage on?

You have several options when you want to make calls with SuiteAdvantage:

  1. Heavy laptop or PC user: download the free internet softphone
  2. Landline user: just get an ATA and configure with your SuiteAdvantage VoIP account information, so you can still make calls using your old landline phone set. (see more)
  3. Upgrade to an IP phone: if you're ready to upgrade your phone set to an IP phone, you can make both internet VoIP and non-internet calls on your IP phone. (see more)
Do I need to buy anything new to use SuiteAdvantage?

No additional purchases are necessary to use SuiteAdvantage. If you'd like additional hardware to match your calling habits, you can look into the options listed above.

Is high-speed Internet required for SuiteAdvantage?

Yes. Please consult with your ISP to see if your Internet service allows VoIP and check your Internet speed bandwidth. A minimum of 512 kbps is recommended.

Can I use multiple devices at the same time?

Currently, SuiteAdvantage can only be used with one device at a time for incoming calls. You may switch between multiple devices to make calls once the device is registered.

Incoming calls will only ring to the last registered device, or to your SuiteAdvantage voicemail if active registration is not found on any device.

*OneSuite Softphone and VoIP Smartphone App can be re-registered by exiting the application from the Options or Settings menu, then re-opening the app.

*ATA and IP Phones can be re-registered by unplugging the Ethernet, then re-plugging.

I just signed up my OneSuite account, but VoIP service is not working. Why can't I make a call from the internet or Wi-Fi.

Please allow 24 hours for VoIP service activation upon account sign up. This includes broadband access and SuiteAdvantage, using any devices.