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Why You'll Love OneSuite Internet Fax

  1. Compatibility with multiple operating systems:
    • Receive pdf fax in email on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablets.
    • Send WebFax from the browsers from your computer, phones or mobile devices.
  2. Low US/Canada and international fax rates
  3. Local fax number, or toll-free fax number with OneSuite Forwarding
  4. 5 emails addresses to receive faxes
  5. More features: fax broadcasting, customize cover sheets & more!
  6. No hidden fees: No setup fees! No contracts!

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Sample of Our Great Prepaid Internet Fax Rates

Fax from Worldwide, or Call from Continental U.S and Hawaii

Australia as low as2.0¢France as low as2.6¢Mexico
2.5¢Spain as low as6.1¢
Brazil as low as1.8¢Germany3.5¢Pakistan 6.5¢United States2.5¢
2.9¢Philippines as low as13.6¢United Kingdom2.5¢
China4.0¢Japan2.2¢South Korea2.0¢Vietnam as low as7.7¢

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