Get US or Canada Toll-free numbers for international call forwarding

OneSuite International Call Forwarding – Toll-Free Number

Get a US/Canada toll-free number: customers reach you easily, and you pay low toll-free rates. $2.95/month!

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Business Benefits


Tailored for SME budgets

Cost-effective toll-free number solution tailored for small-to-medium enterprises: rates are as low as 4.3¢/min, pay-as-you-go after opening account, no contracts, and the flexibility to purchase additional numbers to grow with you.

increase customer reach

Increase customer reach

Look professional, aide marketing, and make it easier for customers to reach you with questions by offering a toll-free line through a OneSuite US toll-free forwarding number, or a Canada toll-free forwarding number.

extend business hours

Extend business hours without extra headcount!

Forward your toll-free calls to any phone, anywhere in the world, so you can pick up business calls on the go, at any time.

instant global mobility

Instant global mobility!

Your business can be located overseas and still offer a N. American toll-free number!
Flexibility to change forwarding destination online instantly, to any phone in any forwarding destination in the world.


Toll-free service on a budget

Toll-free service on a budget

Offer a toll-free 800 number for incoming calls or faxes, so customers can easily reach you, while you enjoy OneSuite’s signature low rates, starting at 4.3 ¢/min. 

*Toll-free numbers are only accessible from the U.S. 48 states, Hawaii and Canada.

Port your toll-free number

Port your toll-free number

The convenience of keeping your old toll-free number! Enjoy free number porting to OneSuite, so you can and start saving today.

Forward calls worldwide

Forward calls worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, or what type of phone you are using, your OneSuite US/Canada toll-free number can always forward calls to you, so you never miss a message.

Change destination instantly

Change destination instantly online

Change forwarding destination instantly online, so your team can pick up calls anywhere on any type of phone.

Payphone block

Payphone block option

Avoid the 55¢ FCC charge for incoming payphone calls by switching on the payphone block option.

Get voicemail

Get voicemail

Free with SuiteAdvantage VoIP, and enjoy free voicemail to email so you don’t have to wait by the phone.

Get toll-free fax

Get toll-free fax for $1 more

Let customers enjoy toll-free fax to your business when you pair with OneSuite Fax Basic. You’ll get unlimited toll-free fax to email for just an additional $1 a month!

Additional forwarding number

Get an additional number

Moving or expanding business locations? Up to 10 additional forwarding numbers available for subscription per account.


Get Started with $10 in OneSuite account credit & receive 1-month FREE subscription of OneSuite Fax Plus! !

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