FAQ - Account Management

How long before my OneSuite.com account expires?

Your OneSuite.com account expiration will be extended six months after the most recent of any of the following:

  1. the date of purchase, the date of your most recent recharge;
  2. the date of your last SuiteTreat bonus redemption;
  3. the date of your last outbound usage (including calling card usage, VoIP outbound call usage, outbound fax or call forwarding usage); or
  4. the date of recent subscription fee charge (only applies to expiring accounts).
Can I use OneSuite for my business?

Absolutely! With OneSuite Business, you may create up to 999 sub-accounts for your business colleagues, associates, or group members and manage them under one administrative account. You can transfer balance to each sub-account and monitor the usage history of each sub-account.

You can sign up for a Business Account, or learn more about OneSuite Business.

What will my account summary be like?

Your account summary provides up-to-the-minute information on your account number, balance, expiration date and PIN(s).

What will my usage history report be like?

Your usage history gives you the date, time, rate, duration, cost, and origination and destination numbers for each call you've made. It will display call activity for the past 3 months.

What if I need usage history that's more than 3 months old?

OneSuite highly recommends that you print or save your own usage history on a monthly basis. After 3 months, OneSuite will keep your usage history in the archive, up to the last 5 years. Should you ever need usage history that is no longer available from your account login, please contact our customer support. Please be reminded that a service fee may incur upon your archived CDR request. Please see the service charge below:

Usage Report Time FrameService Charge Per Request

Within 18 months from the request date


Beyond 18 months from the request date


Within 18 months from the request date with special requested format


Beyond 18 months from the request date with special requested format


Archived usage history will be provided in a purely text format. You may use any word processing software or spreadsheet software to open the file. To request your archived usage history in any other format, please refer to the charge from the table above.

What if I believe there is an error with my account?

Should you ever believe that there is an error in your account, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible. Let them know why you believe there is an error, and they will promptly get back to you and correct any problems.

How do I log in to my OneSuite account?

Go to OneSuite's login page, enter your correct OneSuite user name and password, and then click on the 'Sign In' button.

What happens if I lose my account password or Long Distance PIN?

For your security, we will disclose an account password/PIN to the original purchaser only.

To recover your account password or login in information, go to My Account, and click on "forgot your password?"

To recover your Hybrid Long Distance service PIN, You will need to contact customer support at 866-417-8483 (866-41SUITE) and provide all of the relevant data you submitted when you purchased the service. Your request will be processed promptly, and you will receive your PIN over the phone once we verify your identity.

How do I recharge my OneSuite.com account?

Sign in to your OneSuite.com account, then click on the RECHARGE on the top menu bar.

How come I can't log into my account?

Please verify your login name and password as they are case sensitive. If you are unsure of your login information, please click on “Forgot your password?” near the login fields.

If you get the Error Message regarding pending payments, that means we have not received your payment from your choice of payment method during the sign-up process. Please note that it may take some time for PayPal to confirm your payment to OneSuite, depending on your payment method used in PayPal.

Can I set up multiple users under a single account?

Yes. In a regular OneSuite accout, you may have up to 3 sub-accounts and PINs for long distance calling. If you'd like to set up more sub-accounts, you may sign up for a business account. With OneSuite Business, you may create up to 999 sub-accounts for your business colleagues, associates, or group/family members and manage them under one administrative account. You may adjust the balance to each sub-account and access call history of each sub-account. To learn more, please visit OneSuite Business.