Telecom expense management web tool for businesses for cheap international calling, internet faxing and call forwarding

Your easy tool for managing business telecom expenses
OneSuite Business

OneSuite Business – $2.95/month

Hassle-free telecom expense management web tool for businesses and groups to manage multiple OneSuite user accounts.

Why You'll Love OneSuite Business

  1. Save administrative & telecom costs:
    • Easy dashboard to create and monitor up to 999 OneSuite sub-accounts
    • Transfer account credits between sub-accounts, enabling frequent travelers or remote work force to enjoy cost effective international long-distance calling, internet faxing, VoIP or call forwarding services 
    • Eliminate reimbursement paperwork with inter-account balance transfer features and customizable reports at your fingertips
  2. Transparent billing & rates
  3. Prepaid telecom services. No contracts!

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Sample of Our Great Rates

With OneSuite Business, your colleagues can make international calls or send internet faxes
at these low rates:

Australia as low as2.0¢France as low as2.6¢Mexico
2.5¢Spain as low as6.1¢
Brazil as low as1.8¢Germany4.0¢Pakistan as low as6.5¢United States2.5¢
2.9¢Philippines as low as13.6¢United Kingdom as low as2.0¢
China4.0¢Japan2.2¢South Korea as low as2.0¢Vietnam as low as7.7¢

Check out the rest of OneSuite’s low rates for internet fax, VoIP and international call forwarding, available by subscription in your employees’ sub-accounts.

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