FAQ - SuiteAdvantage - Billing & Payment

Do I get charged for receiving incoming calls?


Do I get charged for calling another SuiteAdvantage number?

No. Calls between two SuiteAdvantage subscribers, what we call "IN-Net Calls", are free.

When do I get charged for the subscription?

The monthly subscription fee will be deducted from your OneSuite Account balance on the same day you set up your SuiteAdvantage account.

Can I change my billing date?

No, this date cannot be changed.

Is there a termination fee for canceling my SuiteAdvantage account?


What is the rate for the calls I make with SuiteAdvantage?

You can check the rates on our rates page. And of course, if you are making IN-Net member-to-member call, your calls are free.

What kind of commitments do I have to make subscribing to SuiteAdvantage?

None! Famous for our pay-as-you-go billing, we require no termed plans or contracts from users.

Will there be any taxes, fees or surcharges deducted from my account balance every month?

No. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. The price and rates listed on our website is all that you pay.

What happens to my SuiteAdvantage account if I carry a zero or negative account balance?

Please first check the status of your account, which is listed on your account summary page. If the account has expired or carries negative account balance, you will not be able to make any phone calls nor receive any calls through SuiteAdvantage.

However, you may still be able to make IN-Net calls & receive phone calls when your account balance is exactly zero.

If your account balance remains negative for more than 30 days, your SuiteAdvantage subscription will be automatically removed and you will lose your SuiteAdvantage number. You might not be able to retrieve your SuiteAdvantage number.