FAQ - Forwarding - Features & Set Up

How do I set up my Forwarding destination number?
  1. Log in to your OneSuite account
  2. Select OS FORWARDING on the left side menu.
  3. Choose Forwarding Destination
  4. Select the "Forward calls to" option and enter your forwarding destination number. If you do not want to forward your subscribed number to any destination at the moment, simply select "Do Not Forward" option next to the number.
  5. Note:

    1. For U.S. or Canada destination number: Enter 1 + area code + phone number.
    2. RapiDial number: Enter the 2-digit code

Can I decline calls from payphones on my toll-free forwarding number?

Yes. By default, your account is set to block all calls from payphones. You may easily change this setting to accept calls made from payphones. Simply log in to your OneSuite Account and go to "Toll-Free Number Settings" under OneSuite Forwarding Feature section.

Can I accept international calls on my toll-free forwarding number?

No. OneSuite Forwarding Service is currently set up to block international calls, outside of U.S. and Canada, by default.