FAQ - OneSuite Callback - Others

Why is OneSuite Callback not working for me?

Please make sure that your account is still active and with at least $2.00 balance. Also, your phone needs to be able to accept calls from withheld numbers, as well as not withholding its own number.

Can I schedule a Callback?

No, callback can only be triggered upon request.

OneSuite claims to call me back in a few minutes but it takes longer than that. Why?

Our system should process your callback request within minutes. If it takes longer than usual to receive a Callback, the system may be experiencing issues connecting to your number and will retry the attempts for 3 times. Please also make sure you have included country code in both of the numbers for our system to process your request successfully.

If you did not receive a callback within 3 minutes, please check the phone numbers entered, and resubmit your request.