FAQ - Long Distance - Other Calling Questions

Will my call be disconnected if I recharge my account immediately after I hear the one-minute-remaining prompt?

Yes. Our system evaluates the maximum duration of your call based on a "snapshot" of your account balance when you initiate the call. Credit added during a call will not be "seen" by our system until you initiate another call and it takes another snapshot. Nonetheless, with this one exception, your recharge will be credited and available to your account immediately after you submit it.

Why was my call suddenly disconnected after the 3rd hour?

It's our 180-minute call duration policy for your protection. To prevent calls that don't end properly, our system automatically ends your call right before call duration reaches180 minutes so you won't have to pay for the minutes not used when your phone sets don't end the call correctly.

Can I continue with another number without redialing the toll-free number access number?

Yes. You can place another call without hanging up and redial the access number. To do so, please wait until the previous call is terminated, wait for 5 to 10 seconds, you will hear a prompt asking you for the destination number you wish to reach.

Can I redial my previously dialed number when the call has ended?

If you are still connected to our system and wish to call back the person you just dialed, simply press 99# and our system will redial the number for you. The feature also works for international numbers.

I just signed up my OneSuite account, but I can’t make a call using broadband access. Why?

Please allow 24 hours for VoIP service activation upon account sign up. This includes broadband access and SuiteAdvantage, using any devices.