FAQ - SuiteAdvantage

How do I make local calls, long-distance calls and international calls using SuiteAdvantage?

Whether you're using OneSuite Softphone from computer, OneSuite App from smartphone, ATA + landline, or an IP phone from any country, you can dial just like you would with a traditional phone from the U.S. or Canada, except that area codes must always be entered. For U.S. and Canada local and long-distance calls, dial the country + area code first, followed by the 7-digit destination number. For international calls outside of the U.S. or Canada, dial 011, country code, area code, followed by the destination number.

How do I use my SuiteAdvantage outside of the United States and Canada?

The best way to make international calls when you are overseas is to use your softphone.

Then, just dial as if you are still in the U.S./Canada: 011 + country code + area code + destination number. For calls to the U.S., simply dial country + area code + destination number.

How do I view my inbound and outbound call history?

Just click on HISTORY, along the top menu bar, in your account.

Can I make calls from multiple devices?

You may switch between devices to make calls, once the device is registered.

*To refresh your Android app registration session, please exit OneSuite App by pressing Menu and clicking on "Exit", then open the app again.

Can I receive calls on multiple devices at the same time?

No, incoming calls will only ring to the last registered device, or to your voicemail if active registration is not found on any device.

If you are switching between devices, please be reminded to exit the previously registered device, and then register the device where you’d like to receive calls, if it is not the last registrant with OneSuite network.

**OneSuite Softphone and VoIP Smartphone App can be re-registered by exiting the application from the Options or Settings menu, then re-opening the app.

*ATA and IP Phones can be re-registered by unplugging the Ethernet, then re-plugging.

Why am I not receiving SuiteAdvantage incoming calls on my device?
  1. Please check if your user name and password are entered correctly, and your device has an active registration session with OneSuite. Your user name and passwords can be found in your OneSuite account, Long Distance Summary, under "Call from Internet".
  2. Please check if your device is properly registered with OneSuite Network. You could test by calling your voicemail by dialing *0 from the keypad. If you could hear OneSuite voice prompt, that means your app’s registration session is active.
  3. Please check if your OneSuite account has enough balance.
  4. Please check if you have other devices such as ATA, IP Phone, computer softphone, or smartphone app registered with the same account, and is in use. This could override your current device’s registration session.