FAQ - SuiteAdvantage

How do I unsubscribe my SuiteAdvantage service?

Please send your request via email here or call our toll-free customer service at 1-866-417-8483. We will deactivate this service from your account within 5-7 business days.

Do you offer toll-free numbers for SuiteAdvantage?

Yes. Please first subscribe a local number under SuiteAdvantage. Then, subscribe to OneSuite Forwarding service, pick a toll-free number during the sign-up process, and enter your SuiteAdvantage number as your ring-to (forwarding destination) number. Then the toll-free number will route all the incoming calls to your SuiteAdvantage number.

Can I change my SuiteAdvantage number or carry an existing phone number over to SuiteAdvantage?

In most cases you are able to transfer your current phone number to our services.

To start the transfer process:

  • Log in to your OneSuite account
  • Go to SUITEADVANTAGE on the left side menu
  • Select Port Number
  • Fill out the Letter of Authorization and submit it

Please note: The name on the LOA must match the name on your phone bill.