International Call Forwarding

Get US or Canada local number for International Call Forwarding

Get US or Canada Toll-free numbers for international call forwarding

Get local phone numbers from 35 countries for international call forwarding

Own different forwarding numbers and forward calls worldwide, at anytime
Local Number $2.95/mo

Even if you’re abroad, you can still be reached on your US/Canada local number.

Toll-free Number $2.95/mo

Establish North America business presence and save on toll-free rates.


Why You'll Love OneSuite Global Call Forwarding

  1. Low international call forwarding rates
  2. Change calling destination instantly online
  3. Forward calls overseas to any phone, anywhere worldwide for overseas businesses or international frequent travelers
  4. Choose different US or Canada area codes
  5. Use it as a toll-free service for your business while paying low toll-free rates
  6. No hidden fees: No contracts! No set up fees!

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Sample of Our Great Prepaid Call Forwarding Rates

OneSuite Call Forwarding with a U.S. or Canada local number. Per minute rates

Australia as low as2.0¢France as low as2.6¢Mexico
2.5¢Spain as low as6.1¢
Brazil as low as1.8¢Germany3.5¢Pakistan as low as6.5¢United States2.5¢
Canada2.5¢India2.9¢Philippines as low as15.9¢United Kingdom as low as2.5¢
China4.0¢Japan as low as2.2¢South Korea2.0¢Vietnam7.7¢

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