FAQ - Forwarding - Billing & Payment

Is there any set-up or monthly fees?

No set-up fee is required, but a subscription fee of $2.95/month for a U.S./Canada local or toll-free number is required. The subscription fee is charged on your OneSuite Account for each forwarding number you subscribe to.

Will there be any taxes, fees or surcharges deducted from my account balance?

No. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. The price and rates listed on our website is all that you pay.

How will I be billed for my usage?

The forwarded calls are charged based on the per-minute rates and billed through your OneSuite Account.

Can I change my billing date?

No, this date cannot be changed.

How are the forwarded calls charged?

Please check our rates here. Select the forwarding service type and the country your call will be forwarded to. Then click the "Get Rates" button. You should be able to see the per-minute rate for the calls.

Will I be billed for forwarded calls that are unanswered?

No. You will only be billed for answered forwarded calls.

Can I view my forwarding charges?

Yes. Please go to HISTORY along the top menu bar in your account to view your charges for forwarded calls in the past 90 days.

What kind of commitments do I have to make?

None! It's pay-as-you-go after you start with $10 in account credit. There are no termed plans or contracts.

How will I be charged for a subscription fee on my retrieved OneSuite Forwarding number?

If the retrieved number is the only call forwarding number under your account, the subscription fee will apply a day after the retrieval date. If the retrieved number is not the only forwarding number, the subscription fee is charged on the same day the other forwarding numbers are billed.

What happens to my forwarding number when my account balance remains zero or negative for a period of 30 days or more?

Your Forwarding service may be automatically deactivated 30 days after the account reaches zero or negative. You may lose your Forwarding number(s) once your OneSuite Forwarding subscription is removed.