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Call Caribbean Islands
Cheap international hybrid calls to Caribbean Islands, from iPhone/Android or any phones!
Cuba landline 77¢/min
Dominican Republic landline 7.6¢/min
Haiti landline 23.5¢/min
Puerto Rico landline 2.4¢/min
& get FREE internet fax service!*

Make cheaper international calls from any phone, anywhere, with or without Internet!

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Three ways to make 1-touch calls

No Internet: Use local access calling

Weak Internet: Use Global Callback

Strong Internet: Use Internet calling

PINless Dialing  Favorite 10All phones: Register phone number as PINless Dial and set up Favorite 10 numbers for easy calling from landline or cell phones.

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Call Caribbean Islands with OneSuite low rates

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Cheap calls to Caribbean Islands with OneSuite’s low rates

(as low as*)
Access method / Rates per minute
U.S. LocalU.S.
Canada LocalCanada
Alaska/ Hawaii
Worldwide VoIP
Barbuda - Mobile
28.9¢30.9¢30.9¢31.9¢ 33.9¢28.9¢
Barbados - Mobile24.3¢26.3¢26.3¢27.3¢29.3¢24.3¢
British Virgin Islands27.5¢29.5¢29.5¢30.5¢32.5¢27.5¢
British Virgin Islands-Mobile27.5¢29.5¢29.5¢30.5¢32.5¢27.5¢
Cuba-Guantanamo Bay$1.15$1.2195¢$1.01$1.21$1.15
Cayman Islands16.5¢18.5¢18.5¢19.5¢21.5¢16.5¢
Cayman Islands-Mobile18.3¢20.3¢20.3¢21.3¢23.3¢18.3¢
Dominica - Mobile24.7¢26.7¢26.7¢27.7¢29.7¢24.7¢
Dominican Republic7.6¢9.6¢9.6¢10.6¢12.6¢7.6¢
Dominican Republic-Mobile16.9¢18.9¢18.9¢19.9¢21.9¢16.9¢
Haiti - Mobile26.1¢29.1¢26.1¢29.1¢44.4¢26.1¢
Haiti - Special Services40.7¢43.7¢40.7¢43.7¢59¢40.7¢
Netherlands Antilles13.1¢15.1¢15.1¢16.1¢18.1¢13.1¢
Netherlands Antilles-Mobile13.1¢15.1¢15.1¢16.1¢18.1¢13.1¢
Puerto Rico2.4¢5.9¢2.4¢
Sint Maarten13.1¢15.1¢15.1¢16.1¢18.1¢13.1¢
Sint Maarten - Mobile13.4¢15.4¢15.4¢16.4¢18.4¢13.4¢
St. Lucia26¢28¢26¢29¢31¢26¢
St. Lucia - Mobile25¢28¢25¢28¢43.5¢25¢
St. Vincent & the Grenadines20.4¢22.4¢22.4¢23.4¢25.4¢20.4¢
Turks & Caicos Islands25.2¢27.2¢27.2¢28.2¢30.2¢25.2¢
US - Jamaica25.7¢27.7¢25.7¢28.7¢30.7¢25.7¢
US - Nevis/St. Kitts12¢14¢14¢15¢24.5¢12¢
US - Trinidad & Tobago24.7¢26.7¢24.7¢27.7¢29.7¢24.7¢
U.S. Virgin Islands3.4¢5.9¢3.4¢

* Rates may be vary by destination carriers, regions, or mobile termination.

OneSuite Long Distance Features

PINless dialing: register up to 3 phone numbers in your OneSuite account to go PINless.

RapidDial phonebook: assign a 2-digit code to your international contacts, so that’s all you have to dial to reach them.

Favorite 10: turn any international number into a local US/Canada number, and save to your cell phone’s contact list. Available to US/Canada users.

Free OneSuite smartphone app:

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Why Choose OneSuite

Multiple ways to make cheap international calls to Caribbean Islands: OneSuite Hybrid Long Distance means you can make calls with or without internet from worldwide. Use OneSuite like a international phone card, dial around service, long distance service, or VoIP softphone to call Caribbean Islands.

Hassel-free dialing for multiple devices: whether you use a touchtone phone, cell phone, or a smartphone, OneSuite has a feature to enhance your dialing experience to one-touch, 4-digit dialing, or direct dialing to Caribbean Islands.

No contracts, no hidden fees: Pay-as-you-go! No taxes, surcharges, pay only for the minutes you use.

Real-time call records: monitor online usage history for absolute transparent billing.

Customer support: got a question? Get in touch via email or call 1-866-417-8483 between 6:00am to 12:00 midnight PT.

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How to enjoy your free internet fax service when you try OneSuite:
*Sign up for a OneSuite account, log in to your account, click on “OS Fax,” your free subscription code will already be filled in so you can enjoy a FREE 1-month trial of OneSuite Fax Plus. The offer is limited to a one-time free trial, one fax number subscription per OneSuite account, or per OneSuite Business sub-account. The outbound fax usage will be deducted from your OneSuite account balance in accordance with the fax rates listed on our Rates page.