FAQ - OneSuite Business - Master Account

How do I create sub-accounts?

Once you’ve set up a OneSuite Business account, log in and find SUB-ACCOUNTS along the top menu bar to start creating sub-accounts.

How do I locate a particular sub-account?

To search for a specific sub-account, go to SUB-ACCOUNTS along the top menu bar, and select "Manage Sub-Accounts." Enter your "search by" information to locate the sub-account.

Then, you can go ahead and update account information, view call history, or transfer balance.

How do I delete a sub-account?

On your Account Summary Page, click on the user name in the sub-accounts list to go to the account information page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Delete This Account."

To delete multiple accounts, go to the top menu bar and select Sub-Accounts > Manage Accounts > List All. Select the checkboxes before the sub-accounts you wish to delete, then click on the "Delete" button.

After you delete the sub-accounts, the remaining balance will be transferred to the master account. If the balance was negative, the amount will be deducted from the master account. You can still view the call history of the deleted sub account for up to 90 days after the account deletion.

Do I get SuiteTreat bonuses in my master and sub-accounts?

Yes, all the master and sub-accounts will get their unique SuiteTreat codes to refer to friends and enjoy the bonuses. All the SuiteTreat rules apply to master and sub-accounts.

Bonus redemption by master or any sub-account will extend the expiration date for 6 months, and the most extended date will serve as the overall expiration date for the group. Please allow for 24 hours for all the accounts to be also updated.

How do I cancel my OneSuite Business account?

Please call our 24-hour customer support hotline at 1-866-417-8483 or email us and provide us with a regular OneSuite account so we may transfer the remaining balance to that account.

Can I transfer my existing OneSuite account into a OneSuite Business account?

No. However, we will be able to assist you with transferring your remaining balance into your OneSuite Business account if you wish to cancel your existing OneSuite account.

Can the administrator make calls using the master account?

No, the master account is a web management tool and does not have its own international calling PIN. The administrator will have to create a sub-account in order to use any of the OneSuite services.

How do I transfer balance?

First, log in to your account, go to the top menu bar, select Sub-Accounts > Manage Account > List All.

Then select your chosen sub-accounts, and click on "Transfer Balance." On the next page, enter the amount to transfer to/from the master account, then click on "Transfer" to confirm the transaction.

*Note: balance can only be transferred between master and sub-accounts. Also, a minimum of $1.00 is required to make a transfer from the master to a sub-account. There is no minimum requirement to make a transfer from a sub-account to the master account. The master account's balance must still be positive after the balance transfer.

How many balance transfers can I make in one day?

The administrator can make as many master-to-sub and sub-to-master transfers as necessary.