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Oct. 2013

It’s so easy to make cheap international calls; it’s so easy to use OneSuite from any country outside of N. America with Callback feature. OneSuite Callback feature is perfect for countries that don’t offer access numbers, don’t have good internet connectivity for VoIP, or with only 2G or Edge wireless data network available.

More details on OneSuite Callback.


Nov. 2012

Dialing international calls while enjoying OneSuite’s great local rates has never been so easy!

Take advantage of our new FREE feature “My Favorite 10” and turn your international contact’s phone numbers into a U.S. or Canada local phone number in a few seconds! Once done, no more access numbers or PIN dialing when you call your favorite 10 international contacts! See step-by-step instructions.


Aug. 2012

Download your OneSuite App for your iPhone or Android today, so you can make WiFi calls directly and globally, without worrying about international roaming costs or international access numbers! No more access numbers or PINs!


Jul. 2012

All new OneSuite Softphone is now available for Windows PC and Mac! Download your version now to make and receive calls from your computer! OneSuite Phone also works for OneSuite Long Distance Broadband Access to make calls only.


Jun. 2012

More coverage are now available for OneSuite prepaid long distance local access, OneSuite Internet Fax, SuiteAdvantage, and OneSuite Forwarding:

State Area Code City State Area Code City
AL 205 Birmingham NH 603 Manchester
DE 302 Delaware NM 505 Albuquerque
FL 239 Naples OK 405 Oklahoma City
IL 618 Belleville RI 401 Providence
IL 224 Elgin SC 864 Greenville
KY 502 Louisville VA 757 Norfolk
LA 504 New Orleans VA 804 Richmond
NE 402 Omaha



Mar. 2012

New WebFax feature for OneSuite Fax Plus. Now you can send online faxes on the go, from any PC or Mac! No software installation!


Jun. 2011

Own a China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan number so your overseas business associates or friends can make a local call to reach you.


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